Our Assignments

ITS participates in a number of assignments internally at Umeå University but also externally. The two largest assignments are the technical management of Ladok and NyA among other assignments.


Högskoleprovet is an additional test that gives students the opportunity to be accepted to university studies. ITS is involved in the whole workflow from scanning the test results to maintaining the web application where the test participants can collect their test results.

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Ladok mission

The Ladok system is a national IT-based student and study register with a large-scale database. There are 350,000 active students registered and a total of 3.5 million individuals registered the system.

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NyA assignment

we also maintain develop and support Sweden's national admission system, NyA. This is done on behalf of (VHS?). More than 30 of our developers and testers are involved in this assignment.

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OpenID Connect

There is an ongoing international co-operation in developing simpler and more secure electronic identities for Web services. ITS participates in this assignment by developing the protocol engine?

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Wisum is an ordering system developed here at ITS to support the ordering and purchasing processes. It is used by several universities in Sweden.

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