ICT Services and System Development (ITS)

We develope, manage and operate IT-systems for universities and even cooperate with other organizations within the public sector.

Umeå University is, through the department ICT Services and System Development (ITS), the central IT development organization for HEIs in Sweden.

ITS has been in the international forefront of developing administrative systems for the Swedish higher education sector for the past 25 years.

With a staff of over 200 IT-professionals, most with long experience and broad expertise, ITS works with a broad field of activities such as IT operations and support to systems development, professional testing, etc. ITS is managing projects of all sizes.

Maintaining the Swedish national student information system (Ladok) and the Swedish national admissions system (NyA) are two main missions ITS performs. Development of the next generation of national student information system in Sweden (Ladok3) is one of the biggest projects ITS is involved in.

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